Low Paperback/DVD Library Spinner


Low Paperback/DVD Library Spinner


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The Low Paperback/DVD Library Spinner is available with a 5 tier tower. Manufactured from 19mm melamine faced particleboard with 6mm extruded acrylic strips to retain the magazines and 2mm PVC matching edging.

Capacity approx 60 Paperbacks/Videos 120 DVD’s


H: 1336mm

W: 400mm

D: 400mm

Tower Sizes: 1210mm high x 283mm wide x 283mm deep
Bases: H: 126mm W: 400mm D:400mm

Delivered in 2 sections


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Beech, Maple, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lagoon Blue, Sky Blue, Mint, Avocado, Jaffa Orange, Plum, Lime, Pumpkin, White, Light Grey, Multi-coloured


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